About the Farmstead

The Farmstead Houses, Buildings and Grounds
The Hinkle-Garton Farmstead, with over 11 acres, includes two houses as well as several farm outbuildings.

The Queen Anne House

The main house, a farmhouse in the Queen Anne style, was built in 1892. The exterior is notable for its double porches, stone foundation, and stylized Queen Anne decorations, including chamfered shingles and starburst patterns at each gable.

The farmhouse has two stories plus a basement and an attic. On the first floor, there is a front vestibule, a main parlor, a dining room, a music room, and a kitchen. There is also an enclosed summer porch. The flooring is the original tongue-and-groove material installed in the home in the late 1800’s. Virtually all of the original woodwork is still intact, including built-in cabinets, doors and door frames, and transoms. The main floor is home to the farmstead museum. The upstairs, with four bedrooms, are used as office space for BRI.

The farmhouse is an excellent space for small group meetings. With the renovated and fully updated kitchen, it is also ideal for event rental where food will be served.

The Rental House
The smaller house at the farmstead is the rental house. It is a gabled-ell structure with two bedrooms in the main downstairs house and a separate single-bedroom unit upstairs. Both are used as leased rental space.

The Farm Buildings
The farmstead has four outbuildings that are original to the property when it was a fully functional farm. The largest building is the dairy barn. There is also a corn crib, a blacksmith shed, and a garage.

The Grounds
The farmstead covers roughly 11 acres, including the grounds around the farmhouse and a large parcel north of the farm buildings. The grounds are mowed but not farmed or cultivated. They are used to display several pieces of antique farm equipment. The original well is also in plain view. Given their close proximity to the farmhouse, the grounds are ideal for large outdoor event rental.

For more information about rental of the facilities at the farmstead, please click here for a pdf with rates and policies.