Affordable Housing Program

One of the ways BRI steps in to save old houses is through its Affordable Housing Program. Since the completion of the program’s first house rehab in 1999, it has saved more than 20 endangered houses and sold them to lower-income homebuyers thrilled to have beautifully restored old houses. These people had been renters, and now they are able to own a house with a mortgage payment that is often less than they paid in rent. The program also builds new houses on vacant lots in historic districts, to fill gaps in neighborhood fabric with new houses that blend with the old. More than 30 households have benefited from the program. It is made possible by grants of federal affordable housing dollars to BRI from either the state or the city of Bloomington.

The program is administered by BRI’s Affordable Housing Committee. Committee members with backgrounds in construction, real estate, banking and marketing meet twice a month to handle the details of acquiring, building or rehabbing, and selling the homes. To volunteer, contact Steve Wyatt at 336-0909 or for more information.

People of all incomes enjoy living in historic homes. The BRI Affordable Housing Program creates opportunities for people with low to moderate incomes to get a house with character, the kind of house they can love and take pride in.